To be nice to my fellow non-Swedish speaking photography friends, I’ve decided to make this blog in English.

On February 4th, two coworkers and I decided to head out for a photoshoot. One of the coworkers had just purchased his first real camera (and yes he got himself a Nikon!) so he was eager to try it out for real. Good thing was that me and our other coworker are both Nikon shooters as well so we could lend him lenses to try out during the trip. Our main goal for the shoot was Kullaberg, which is up in the north east corner of Scania. This place is well known to take the lives of Danes, as they come here to do some rock climbing and are not really aware of what they are getting themselves into. It’s a really nice place during the warm parts of the year, this day however it was -16C (3F) and sunny, but since you are in Scania, and especially at the coast, there is nothing called ”no-wind”. The day there is no wind blowing in Scania, that day the earth has gone under.

First off we made a stop at Nyhamnsläge, to see if we could get some nice shots from the beach.

After freezing here for a bit we decided to head back into the car to the warmth and continue up to Kullaberg and the lighthouse. The good thing about going to places like this during winter is that there’s not all that many (crazy) people going there. On the other hand they are missing out on some spectacular views. If this had been during late spring, summer or early autumn, this place had been crawling with people, now we only met one family during our entire time there. Even dressed with gloves, thick winter coats, knitted hats, wool scarves and what not, it didn’t take many minutes before our noses were red and dripping, cheeks red and burning from the cold and you didn’t shoot without gloves for too long at a time.

Here we also came across the first bigger patch of ice that covered a big part of the ground where we were walking, as we had plans to head up one of the hills to get a better view of the entire bay and area. I was a bit reluctant from the start because I had brought my BIG camera bag with me so that our friend could play with a variety of lenses, so I was carrying about 20 KG of camera equipment on my back. It did however turn out that going up there was impossible as water had been dunning down the walk paths and it was now all frozen. On our way back to the car, I managed to do my first accident which had me end up with a twisted knee and a strained foot.
We then got back to the car and drove down to Mölle, a small village just south of Kullaberg. Not much ”action” going on here during the winter and we went around the harbor and shot for a while. From here we continued down to Helsingborg where we went to a pizzeria that our coworker had spoken so well over, and I have to agree that the pizza was really nice.
After getting our stomachs filled and bladders emptied we went out into the cold weather again and continued down to Landskrona and the Citadel. I was hoping for some really nice shots but ended up with just one pano of the citadel and a few old buildings adjacent to the citadel. A long time ago I attended a party that took place on the inside of the Citadel and I remember finding it really interesting from a photography perspective and that’s why I wanted to go there again, unfortunately you were not able to get inside.
From here we decided to head down to the coastline again and see if we could photograph the floating-dock that went AWOL during a storm in December. This 6000 metric ton floating-dock managed to travel a fair bit without crashing into any other boats/ferries or other constructions and then lodge itself into the banks along the coast, and they have been trying to get it back to where it’s supposed to be for a couple of months now. And after building a dam and making a deep canal for it, it seems to be going back ”home” very soon. I know there’s been a LOT of people taking pictures of this floating-dock but we all wanted our own shots of it as an end to our almost 10 hour photoshoot day.  You have to excuse the dude in the front that is destroying the photo. The diggers you see to the left are almost beside the floating-dock, so you can imagine the size of that thing.



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