Went on a trip last Saturday with my friend Martin. We did a 7 hour photo tour of the south/south eastern corner of the state and what looked to be a sunny nice day here in the middle of the state turned out to be a very windy and chilly day at the coast. But we showed that we descend from vikings and went head on with our plans.

It’s a bit of a challenge to go shooting with him, not because he’s new to photography, but due to the fact often when you stop and take a shot he will come up and ask you questions, relevant ones, that makes YOU think twice. It’s usually questions like ”what did you see in this that made you take a shot of it?” or ”What did you think of when you decided to take this shot?”. I do like the fact that he DO ask those questions as this will also make me start thinking twice about WHY I want to take a picture of something.

During the trip I took a picture or two of Ale’s Stones and though that THIS might be something of interest for my British friend Chris Tweed 😉

















We did however have a very nice day, Martin and I, and we finished it off with a nice dinner in Simrishamn before we headed back to home. Will have to ask Martin if he’s done with his photo’s as well so I can have a look at them.



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