Copenhagen Photofestival

Had a most wonderful time last Saturday. My photography friend Susanne Hultman and I had decided to head over to Copenhagen to visit the Copenhagen Photofestival. We met up with another photographer at Engvej S-train station and then we took a walk up to the old Carlsberg Brewery, where this event was taking place. We started off at Bryggeriet/The Brewery with the magnificent Elephant gate


Here we first had a look at some photographs from the Magnum photography group. This was shown in a small room at the ground floor, it was very…hmmmm..picturesquely. After that we went up two floors and entered the old brewery parts of the building


on this floor and two more they had hung up a bunch of photo’s in varying quality of interest. Some where spectacular and some more ”oh well”. But the atmosphere here was wonderful and it felt like one of those perfect places to hang photo’s. You just had to watch where you put your feet because all of a sudden there was some remnants of the old beer cisterns, like place holders, sticking up from the floor and it was easy to fall over. But as I said, the place was amazing for a photography exhibition and for taking photos off.


From here we went across the road and over to what was called Slottet/the Castle. I presume that this place used to be occupied by laboratories or administrative personnel. We had a bit of a problem at first to find where the exhibition was in this building as it had directions arrows on the 2nd floor but that wasn’t it, we had to take the stairs up to the 6th floor. Two more picturesque rooms with photo’s to look through.

From here we headed over to the building called Matrix, where they had exhibitions called ”Music in pictures”, ”Lust like Loony lovers” and ”The national film and photo school, LODZ”, lets just say that one of those were not good at all, and we left that one just as quick as we entered that room.

Fotografiskt Center was the next stop, here they had an exhibitions of headbangers. Some of them really looked like they had banged their head hard into something *haha* but it was cool to see that so many people had participated in getting photographed while headbanging.

From here we went down to Café Elefanten for some lunch, and we really needed some food! It was a nice café with good food, though not all that much as what it costed, but isn’t that normal today? After we finished eating and had had a bit of chatting we headed off to Halmlagret where they showed photos made by students at KBH: Film og fotoskole. This place was really made for photography exhibitions, not clean and neat, the pain had cracked up and was hanging down in big chokes, tiled walls and such, a big skylight that brought in enough light to light up the room yet not spoil the images by giving them a harsh light.

From here we left the Carlsberg Brewery


and started out walk down to Copenhagen Center, it was a nice walk along Vesterbrogade down to Ströget. As usual during this time of the year, Ströget was VERY crowded but we finally made it over to Barosso where Susanne got her coffee before it was time to catch the train back to home-sweet-home. 🙂


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