Flyin 2013… part deux

There was other things to shoot, a little covertly, as well during the flyin. I just couldn’t help myself. 

Found this kid just as the airshow started and I just loved the expression in his face. 



Even when you’re at an airshow you can find other things interesting to look at. As a grown up you sometimes get single minded and only focus on what you are there for, at this point the air show. Kids on the other hand finds so many other things that they find interesting as well. This kid seems to have found something that was more interesting than the plane doing acrobatics in the air. 



As the rain came down on us, we all headed off for shelter where ever we could find it. Everyone but the kids, they didn’t mind the rain, they could still do a lot of stuff. 



Also caught these to buddies that didn’t seem to worry about the wind, rain or low temperature. 



And one woman that had been to the kids store and got herself an umbrella that I just couldn’t help photographing. 



Something that was really fun to watch was how, even though the rain was coming down, these two lads had a blast.




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