Flyin 2013

So it was time for the annual flyin here in town yesterday. The weather forecast wasn’t promising but we were still hoping for the best. I had made arrangements with one former coworker of mine and one photography friend from town, to meet up at the airfield and have a shoot-out. As I got up there I quickly ran in to Susanne Hultman as she was walking covertly around the field and took pictures of unknowing people 🙂 I waved at her without any result, she was in her shooting-world *haha* . At 1 pm the airshow started and we got to see, among other things, a 105 year old, still operational, airplane. It was the old Blériot XI/Thulin A. I didn’t think they would take off in it as it was a bit windy. But to our joy it went up without any problem. 



We also managed to see a few other airplanes before the rain started to fall. 



A Pitts Special went up and did some acrobatic for us. 
The clouds were coming in quickly, darker and heavier. 



Per Cederqvist prepared his Tiger Moth and made his usual run, with the usual routines of blowing the trumpet while flying and also some acrobatics. 



Two PT17 Boeing Stearman’s went up for some flying for us as the sky went more and more dull and grey. 

A quick show with the Piper J-3 / Grasshopper was done


And then came FMV ÖV1, Tummelisa



After this, it was time to take cover, first on the short side of one of the hangars but then the wind dropped off and the rain started to hit us even where we were standing, so we had to run around to the long side and get into the hangar instead. The rain seemed to stop and we went out again and started walking around the hangar and over to the field. Not many steps outside of the hangar and we started getting soaked again. We quick stepped around the hangar and went into another. After staying there for 20-30 minutes and the rain not easing up, we all decided it was time to call it quits and head home. There was no use in staying there and being soaked. 

Got some cool pics of people as well during the airshow, but they are in another post.



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