First this year

Okay okay, we’ll see how long I manage to keep this up. I’ve decided to be a bit more active with my blogging, knowing me it means that I will do it for a little while and then ”forget” to continue.

So I thought I should start with the first photo trip of the year. This one was set up during the last day of 2013 and carried out on January 2nd, which was my last day before I started working again.

The weather had LOTS more to require but we headed out anyway. First stop was Kullens Fyr, since we haven’t gotten any snow yet most everything is just brown or grey so it was hard to find something really worth photographing. I ended up with this one from that area that I was satisfied with:


From here we drove down a bit to Mölle hamn, for some walking and some more shooting. Even here the lack of colour and snow/ice made much of the photography a tad bit demanding. You didn’t feel like ”yeah, THIS I will shoot”, it was rather ”hmmm, if I look harder I might find something worth shooting”. Last time I was here shooting it was -16C and windy, then there was a lot of ice in the harbour that made for some interesting shots. I did get away from there with these shots:



From here we drove off to get some chowder and then continue to F5 (a former airforce base) where we did our last shoot for the day. While we walked around there the rain started to increase and after an hour or so we all decided to call it a day. We’ve now decided to try and get another photo trip together in February, hopefully we’ll have better weather then.
From F5 I got away with the following ”creation”:


This is an old water cistern built back in 1926. F5 is an old military camp that was founded back in 1658 by the Scanian Hussar Regiment and it’s still used but now for the Lund University School of aviation.




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