2 days – 2 games

It’s been a nice weekend. Friday I had an appointment with the optician for the annual checkup. We’ve finally decided to try and change the strength of my lenses by 0.25. She said I will see objects further away in a sharper way, but objects closer might be blurry. So I should try one set of lenses and if it’s no good, then I can come in and switch them for the same strength as I have today. This was the first time I’ve changed the strength since 1991 !! She was still amazed at how good my sight was at close range without lenses or glasses, so that pleased me. Since I was there we also checked for my glasses and since they have not been changed since I chose new frames back in 2001 it was time to make the step. So in 10-14 day’s it’s time to pick up my new glasses, new frames and scratch free glasses 🙂 13 years of wearing and tearing have made the glass in the specs go old. 

Then on Friday evening it was time for the men’s team handball team to play a game. The guys have been playing very well lately and one was hoping for a continuation of that. So a bit disappointing when the opponents kept breathing down their necks most of the first period. But at the end EHF finally kicked in the next gear and started to pull away. Second period the guys continued to pull away from the opponents and you could see in their faces how they could smell defeat coming their way. And when the clock rang for full time, EHF was indeed the winner of the game and are now very close to the play-offs for advancing to the next series.



Unfortunately the guys lost the next game that they had to play on Saturday, the day after their win. Normally there is some days off in between games but as we’re closing in on the end of the season they have to catch up on the games so that they will finish up at the same time as the others. Next game at home is on the 23rd, and I hope the guys will win the rest of the games this season. Would be nice if they can go up one series. 

On Saturday it was time to do battle with television. There was a women’s game to be played at home and unfortunately Swedish television had decided it should be aired. When we got there, about an hour before the game started, we realized that all the advertisement signs had been placed out around the court. To our dismay Swedish television had decided to place the signs 1.5 meters behind the usual position. This screwed everything up for us photographers because this meant that we had no place to be. We’re not allowed to be in front of the signs and with only 20 cm between the signs and the wall it’s no optimal shoot. Not only that, you have to stay away from the catch up net at the back (this normally goes down just behind the goal, now it was pushed back behind the signs and you’re not allowed to move it aside either. At least this time we were allowed to sit at the tv-camera, but with 4 still photographers that ain’t gonna happen! So two of us had to bite the sour apple and try to find somewhere to shoot from the other side . We had a discussion with the TV-people about moving the signs further up to where they usually are, but they just frowned at us. When we explained that this fucked up our possibility to sell the shots, they just said that they didn’t care about that, TV decided what goes and not. 
The game went as supposed. The girls from my home town, EIK, kept the visitors at a safe distance. There were some really fighting spirit this time and it was exhilarating to watch them play. I think this was the first time I’ve actually seen the players exhibit their pride and happiness as they scored.


They’re not on the safe side yet, but so far they are still on the right side of the line for playing in the Swedish championship.

After the game I ran into a young guy that’s been a revere at some youth games that I’ve shot, and he quickly asked me to come shoot one of their games as well. So on Wednesday it might be time to shoot yet another game.

So glad there’s no game on Saturday, then it’s time for the annual/bi-annual (depends on what they decide now) nature photography exhibition that I’ll be attending.  



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