Naturfotofestival i Hässleholm

Yesterday it was time for the annual nature photofestival in Hässleholm. Well it’s supposed to be an annual event but last year they decided to give it a skip and try to rethink and replan the event. It’s a day filled with photo exhibits, lectures/shows and time to look/feel/play-with a lot of camera gear and additional equipment. This year some of the lectures/shows I could’ve been without – or they could’ve replaced the speaker with someone with better.


I took the opportunity to play around with the Nikon DF this year and from the moment I picked it up I knew this was NOT something I would ever buy. It is way too small for my hands. Liked the weight of it, but it stopped there. Good thing I didn’t buy it first and then realized it wasn’t something for me.
On the other hand, playing with a D4s with a 500mm lens was AWESOME! and NO, I’m not gonna buy one, but it sure feel great to test shoot it 🙂

Beside the lectures/shows and playing around with the cameras there were a few other interesting stands to check out. One that really caught my eye was one that offered photography vacation trips to, among others, Ecuador and Peru. The prices were hysterical, but it still was interesting.




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