Today I got a call from my handball photography friend. He tried to trick me into that they had moved the last game of the season from Wednesday till today, but I knew better than to fall for that. The last game of the season is played on the same day and same time  for ALL the teams and it would have to be something really important for them to orchestrate such a massive re-planning.

Instead it was the 3-rd division team that had a game today. Those playing for EIK (my home town women’s team) in 3rd division is usually called ”Ring-så-spelar-vi” (Call-and-we-play) due to the fact that they never practice and each time they have a game, the call around and ask who can participate. Some of them used to play handball some years ago and some I think play just because they think it’s fun. The other teams in this division consist mostly of girls aged 15-17, our team are aged 30+ !

Today they managed to get 6 players and one goalie (one that’s not a trained goalie) and the opponents came with a full team, 2 goalies and 10 players.
The game started slowly for the home team and they had some difficulty scoring, but they finally managed to shape up and the first period ended 11-10 to the home team. Second period started with a more focused home team and they quickly started to score. When the game was over, the home team had won with 32-14! It was fun to see how tired the players were but at the same time, how much fun they had playing. They DO play just because it’s fun and they don’t take it so bloody serious as most opponents do. The problem is though that our home team usually beat the crap out of any opponent they play. They never proceed to go to the next division, since they only do this for fun, they don’t want to do all the travel needed in the higher divisions.



After the game we stayed for a while and spoke for a while with the players, they are so very friendly and nice.
During that chat we spoke a bit about the game today and we had to trash them a bit just because we know they can take it and they enjoy speaking back. Turned out that last game they played, they were only able to collect one person as a goalie and 5 players (normally there are 6 players on the field and one goalie), and they decided to play anyway even though the would have to play with one person less than the opponents. That game they won by 14 goals anyway.




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