Where’s spring?

After an intensive photoshoot on Saturday (two team handball games after each other) I had planned with a coworker to head out in the search for spring during Sunday. It’s finally been a couple of days of sunshine and ”warm” temps so we had high hopes. 
Unfortunately the two friends that my coworker intended to bring to the shoot wasn’t that morning hungry so the decided meeting time of 11 o’clock turned out to be me alone at Dalby Söderskog and a phone call from the others telling me that they would turn up an hour later. So to spend the time in a good manor, I mounted the 105mm macro lens on the camera body and headed out in search of something to get close to. 
The ground wasn’t all that dry but I didn’t really bother, so down on the ground into the dirt 🙂
There I found a corydalis / nunneört that looked like it wanted to be photographed


when the others finally decided to show up we had an hour walk around in the woods and to be honest, not much shooting going on. Instead we decided to head off to Alnarpsparken in hope that there would be more to shoot there. We were in luck because the Japanese cherry tree was in bloom and the colours were very radiant and inviting. 


other than this we didn’t find all that much that pleased our photography hungry hearts/minds. Scilla and wood anemones have been covered already so that wasn’t our ”wow” subjects. Hopefully in a couple of weeks mother nature will have moved on and started to really spring out in colours and light. 

This coming weekend it’s time to shoot another team handball game, most likely the last one for the season. 



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