Second challenge

Another challenge I did last weekend was going to the annual (at least so far) free summer theatre down town. It takes place just outside the hotel in town, because they have a huge set of stairs which acts as the seating for us spectators. This time I actually saw the show twice, first last Friday together with a very good friend and former coworker, unfortunately we didn’t have the best of weather and my shots from that day didn’t turn out as well as I was hoping. On the other hand I now knew where the actors would be standing, what direction they would be facing and also I knew what would happen so I could get my camera ready before hand.

On Sunday afternoon I went down again and met up with a photography friend to shoot the show again, this time it was clear sky and bright and sunny, much better shutter speed this time. And the actors had also had the chance to play the show 3 more times before I showed up again and everything went fairly smooth this time.



From this last shoot, I got home with 195 pictures and I just had to throw away 1, where as in the first attempt I got home with some 75 shots and had to throw away more than 50% of them due to the shutter speed had been too slow and they were all blurry.

Hopefully I will get a chance to shoot them again next summer.



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