Visit at the harbour

On Tuesday this week, August 5th, the marine made a visit to the harbour in Malmö. Two corvette’s came to town and the public was allowed to guided visits.

I hunted a friend down and ”forced” him to tag along with me, and we got on the next train bound for Malmö. Since the harbour is just around the corner from the trainstation, I thought that it would be easier to go by train and walk instead of go by car and have a hell of a time to find a parking spot.

These were in the harbour when we got there.


Our first goal was to come close to the vessels and try and get some nice shots. Others had the same thought, unfortunately most of them had a habit of walking up in front of you as you were about to take your shot. Some ppl don’t have the photography etiquette.

Did however manage to get some without too much interference.

Getting a guided tour on the ships was something we stopped thinking of quite fast as the queue was like a boa constrictor, very long. 


Instead my friend and I took the shots we wanted and then went for a walk over to Turning Torso and then back into town via Kockums shipyard. The weather was nice, so we didn’t have any hurry. 



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