A visit from the past

late yesterday I was told about an event happening today. Turns out the southern main rail road link turns 150 years old now and to commemorate that they would be driving a steam engine from Malmö to Stockholm. They left Malmö this morning around 7.30 AM and will arrive in Stockholm around 6.30 PM tomorrow. So after a visit to the bakery I drove off to a place I was hoping would be empty and good. When I got there it turned out that a lot of others had had the same thought. I did however find a pretty good spot behind a tiny power building that operates the beams across the road there. Another friend of mine had gone to the next village and texted me when it drove through there, then I knew it would come into view in about 2 minutes from where I was placed. So camera to the ready position and leaning against the power shed. 




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