Two hectic weekends


The past two weekend’s been really hectic. On the 12th of September I started shooting a Girls youth team handball tournament. First working from 6.30 AM to 4.30 PM and then heading off to the gym at 5 PM to start shooting games. Friday ended at 11.30 PM and then Saturday started at 8 AM through to 9 PM, Sunday started at 8 AM and ended at 7 PM. It’s fun at the same time though.
It was fun to see people that have attended this tournament since it started three years ago and they still recognize you eventhough you just meet once a year, and at that time there’s a biiiig bunch of other ppl as well.
Someone I was really happy to see are these three women from Tyresö.


They are SO fun to watch and talk to, very social and always up for some no-good. Their team ended up in third place this year and I went over and told them that after they had their prizes we wanted to get a team shot in one of the goals. While we spoke they started to give out the medals, so I told them that I’ll just stand there beside them and see if I could get a medal as well. With that said, they re-arranged themselves so I had one of them on each side of me. The girls in the team noticed and started giggle like only young girls can. When they came over to where we were standing the two women on the left bowed their heads and the medal was put around their neck. I did the same, bowed my head, and I was just inches away from having my own medal !! One of the crew (the one carrying the plate with the medals on) noticed and cried out ”NO NO NO, he’s our camera man!!”, and with that the girls no longer giggled, it was now a full blown laughter among them. I thanked the girls and their coaches for this year and went off to next shoot. Hope to see them next year as well.

Then the last weekend it was time for the men’s team to have their youth tournament. Unfortunately they are NOT as organized and coordinated as the women’s team is. With the girls tournament I knew months before that I was going to work as a photographer. With the boys tournament I was told, after asking once more if I should take the silence as a sign that they DIDN’T want any coverage of their tournament, on Tuesday evening the same week as the tournament took place. Once there it turned out there were no one to talk to or check how they wanted it done, so I ran my own schedule. Saturday was 8 AM to 6.30 PM and Sunday was 8 AM to 9.30 PM. Good thing about these tournaments is that I only shoot, I don’t have to select the photos or do any work on them, I just hand them over to the clubs and they have to do all the work. Wondering though when the men’s club will get the images up on their webpage, it’s almost been a week now and still no images are up.




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