A look back on 2014

So it’s time to round up year 2014. Trying to figure out what’s happened and what’s been missed out on.


This was the beginning of a year filled with hopes and dreams. Weather wise it wasn’t the best as we didn’t really get any thorough winter. Got a question from a photography friend of mine if I wanted to join in on a photography trip with her and some friends, of course I didn’t turn it down.
Besides this photography trip the month also consisted of a couple of team handball games to shoot. But it was nice to get out and shoot something different.


A short month with lots of things to get done. It’s also one of our maintenance weekend months. Had a few team handball games to shoot as usual, but also had time to fit in a photoshoot arranged by Rei Trulsson.


We ended up doing a shoot in Helsingborg, on a cold and very windy day. Still wonder how these trannies were able to withstand the weather dressed like that. Cudos to them for that.


End of first quarter of the year. Had 8 team handball games to shoot, both the normal ones and then I got a request from a younger guy if I could come and shoot their games one weekend as well. And why not, could be fun for the team to have some pictures of the youth team as well.

I also had to get out and shoot the coming of spring. It started to become sunny and bright and you can’t miss out on an opportunity like that.


More team handball games to shoot, also went out for a shoot with two of my coworkers. Fun to spend time outside of work as well and NOT have to talk about work related stuff.

During one of the team handball games there was a dance show during the break between periods. This was performed by the awesome youths at Attitude69. A dance group that is considered one of the best in Sweden.



Team handball season was over, so no more such games to shoot. NOW what should I shoot? Well it wasn’t really a dry month for that anyway. The rapeseed fields were in bloom, most of Scania was shining brightly yellow from it. There was also an event created by Rei Trulsson to do street photography in Malmö, and we did have a really sunny and warm day for that.

We also had a fun arts/photography exhibition in Eslöv at the old still. This place is very run down but a guy had persuaded the town to let him have an exhibition there, all the money they got from the entrance fee would go to a cancer found, they managed to get a lot more people coming than they had expected and the exhibition was a great success. Hopefully he will be able to pull off more exhibitions in there.

"Fyll ditt sinne"

This month I also went to shoot a vintage car race. The race consisted of only really old race cars, from around the 1930-1940’s. This was the day I also got a real sunburn, though I never thought I would be able to get one since the sun was not shining that much.

Jakriborg Grand Prix 2014


This month I took on three new challenges. It was both thrilling and scary. Would I be able to pull it off or would I completely fail at it? since only had to produce something from one of those challenges, the first to didn’t really matter that much more than to myself.

Challenge number one was to shoot the theatre production shown outside the town hotel. The tricky part here was to get a good spot, to try and get that spot to be where I would get the best opportunities to get good shots as well as enjoy the show. First time I went I did get a lot of shots but the weather was not the best and the light was poor, but at least I got to see the show and find out where to position myself the next time I watched the show so I could get better photos.

Challenge number two was that I started shooting American football. I know, I am used to shoot team handball, but for shooting American football I needed to use my 150-500 mm lens and try to get clean shots. I didn’t know what to expect or how to shoot, but I thought I would give it a go anyway. Did I get hooked? of course I did! 🙂

Amerikansk Fotboll

Challenge number three, the one from which I had to produce some good shots, was to go up by air plane and shoot a coworkers new house from the air. A bit of a struggle to get a steady shot from there, but it was awesome to do it. Besides shooting his house for him, I could get of a bunch of shots for my own pleasure.

I also did a shoot at the annual fly-in in town. this year we had better weather than the year before. Got some nice shots of the airshow.


This month consisted of more shots of American football games, and I started to get the hang of it. Also started to get more acquainted with the players and coaches. Really great bunch it is. My photo’s were also linked to from the team’s webpage, which felt really honourable.

There was also another exhibition of airplanes in town, this time it was more experimental planes. It was fun to walk around and look at all the different planes, some stranger than others.

This was also the month they started harvesting the rape seed, so got to go out and shoot a few harvesters in action.

This month I also started my summer vacation and on my first day, I went with a couple of friends over to Ven/Hven to shoot. Haven’t been on Ven for many years so it was good to get there again. Made some new photography friends when there which was fun.



FINALLY made it out to the abandoned dance place just outside of town. Have heard about it but it’s not the easiest place to find unless you’ve been there before. This time I was asked by a photographer if I wanted to tag along and of course I agreed. This place has not been in use since the mid 80’s so you can understand the decay of this place. It’s a wooden house located in the middle of a ridge/woods with no possibility to spot it from the road and no signs telling you were it is.


This month I also got to shoot at a circus that was in town, only shot some of the animals outside while they were setting up all the tents and stuff.

This month I also shot a vintage car show at the town lake, this time it wasn’t race cars, just ordinary old cars from the 30’s-50’s. Had to watch out for those stupid ppl that just HAD to step in front of the lens when you were about to take a shot.

There was also a visit to Malmö harbour by a couple of military corvettes and I went there with my coworker Jacob to shoot and have a look. The queue to get onto the ships was sooooo long and we just ignored the possibility to get inside, it would’ve taken too long, besides you were not allowed to shoot once you got on the ships.


This month started off with the ”visit” of a 100 year old steam engine that would make a journey from Malmö to Stockholm, just the way it had been done 100 years ago. I went to a location along the railway where I had hoped on being more or less alone, but it turned out that more ppl had had the same thought. Managed to get off a couple of good shots and a video of it passing by.


The day after the visit by this old steam engine I set out, together with Susanne Hultman, on a bike ride from Eslöv centrum to Skarhult Castle. Our goal was to go on the exhibition there called ”The hidden female power” which was about the women of Skarhult Casle that are not mentioned in any history books and all the deeds and work they did when their men were out fighting back in the 15th,16th, 17th and 18th century. It was also a good opportunity to get to see the castle from within.


This month was also the time for two youth tournaments in team handball. The girls tournament is a three day shoot and the weekend after I had the boys tournament, which is a two day tournament. Very hectic but fun time.

The normal team handball series also started up again and I got back to shoot those as well.


This month I had planned on heading back to Australia for some R&R, unfortunately due to personal reasons I had to cancel it this time. I had so been looking forward to going down there to visit some good friends and get away from everything else.

This month I did a lot of team handball shooting again, amongst them the wonderful ”Pink game”, a game where you can bid on the girls pink t-shirt. All the money is donated to charity for Breast cancer and this event was founded by Team Eslöv last year when they found out that the wife of the coach had been diagnosed with breast cancer. He was taken aback when he found out that the girls had organized this. This year a couple of other teams in Sweden decided to do the same, but the main event is still the one in Eslöv, that’s for sure. This year they managed to get around 30.000 from the sale of the t-shirts. Even a guy playing in the elite series volunteered to auction off a pink t-shirt with his number on it.

Rosa Matchen 2014 (EIK - H65)

I also went on a couple of trips to Lake Skäralid, once with two coworkers and then later on in the month with two other photography nerds 🙂 Lovely colours on the trees and all the leaves on the ground. On the latter trip we also went to another place to look for something called Stone chimney, and that was a bit of a disappointment. We had hoped for something more spectacular 🙂

This month I also participated in the Scott Kelby world wide photowalk. This time in Lund.


Now we’re getting in to the more dull part of the year and the weather starts to get more unstable and boring, All the wonderful colours are gone and most things are just grey and dull. Luckily I still have the team handball games to shoot so I’m not all that out of options.
EHF - Ystadspågarna

This month I had planned on spending in Sydney, doing nothing and doing everything. Finding new places to shoot, shoot old places and hopefully get to meet some new photography ppl. Oh well, fingers crossed to me being there in 2015 instead.


Final month of the year. Darkness is upon us earlier and earlier each day and it’s pitch black when you go to work in the mornings and pitch black when you go home from work in the arvos. Had planned to go on a night shoot with some friends but we never got around to it. Hopefully we will complete that task in January before the days starts to get longer.

December was very slow on the team handball shooting. The reason for this was that the European championship for women was played and during that time all games are cancelled. Still had a couple of men’s games to shoot though. Also took a trip to the Farmers Christmas market in Malmö. Got glared at by a news paper photographer as I think he thought I was some kind of competition to him. *haha*

This month we were hoping for/supposed to have snow and cold, but instead it’s been mostly above zero and load of rain instead. So much on the day before Christmas eve that I had to go shoot on the Castle of Trollenäs where the entire park area in front of the castle was covered in water and the ducks enjoyed swimming around where people usually are walking and looking at the park.

översvämningen julen 2014

Today is New Years Eve and the weather is grey, wet and dull. Oh I so hope for much better weather come 2015.

Happy New Year to you all, and see you all in 2015!

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