5 games so far

After a nice fortnight of vacation it’s been time to head back to the office again. So from January 5th it’s been business as usual. However long or relaxing the vacation seemed to be, not many hours after I set foot back at the office it felt like I had never left. Will see how this year turns out at work.

Winter, where art thou? I sure miss a real winter with refreshing cold weather and snow. I know, snow screws up the commuter train (the train department always get knocked over by the fact that we get snow when it’s winter, year after year they are just as perplexed by this ”freak of nature”). I want the snow and freezing weather because 1. nature needs it, 2. I need it (or my body), 3. it gives such good opportunities for photographing. There’s still some time before winter is over so hopefully we will get to feel/see a bit of proper winter this year.

So far this year I’ve managed to shoot 5 team handball games and it still feels just as fun as it did last year. The photography, the socializing part with both other photographers as well as with the teams (players and coaches).

First game of the year was a practice game between the men’s team in town and Ystads IF, one that Ystad won pretty easily. This was played in the B-court in the arena, so the light was not the best for photography but it was fun all the same. Not only did I get to shoot the game, I also shot a few pictures of a co-workers little toddler that was running around on the court in half-time. Hope he likes the shots that I sent to him.


Directly after that game was over I just had to haul my butt over to the A-court where the women were going to play the first game of the series for this year. Unfortunately they seem to have gotten into a deep gorge with their play now and they lost a game they should’ve been able to win if they had only dared to play a rough offensive gave.


Later on the same week they women had another game to play, this time in the neighbouring town of Lund. This game they were destined to loose, but I never thought they would be playing as bad as they did. During second period they managed to score a lousy 2 goals in the first 20 minutes. In total they scored 5 goals during the second period. There’s no way you win games if you don’t do a better game than that.


The day after this game it was my birthday and with that came a storm with strong winds and loads of rain. Could be fun to head off to a shore/harbour and shoot some stormy weather, but this time I didn’t feel like being drenched from both sea water and rain, so instead I stayed home and fixed my photo’s from the game the day before as well as creating new backup disks for work and another ”Off site” place for my photos. You can’t be too careful!

Then this past week it’s been two more games. First the women got their ass beaten on Thursday. This game was broadcast on telly so that meant a lot of hassle for us photographers. Since it’s TV that dictates the rules during those games we just have to be obedient little minions, something that doesn’t really fit me. New for this year was that you were able to have a good discussion with the TV people instead of them being stuck-up a-holes, they had also minimized the number of cameras on the floor and only one side of the court was occupied by a big tripod and a camera/camera man. The rest of us had to stay behind all the advertisement boards they had put up around the court. This meant that we had about 2 meters behind the goal to work on – and we were 7 photographers shooting the game! Cramped? nah what gave you that idea?


Then yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting a derby between the men’s team of Eslöv (EHF) and a team from the university town of Lund (KFUM Lundagård). I’ve seen then play against each other before and I had my money on EHF for this one. Another pleasure of this shoot was that I had company from Susanne whom had expressed interest in trying to shoot sport and I had happily told her to let me know when she could and I would give her the tips I could and to try and make it a fun shoot for her as well. She came well prepared, except for the fact that you’re not allowed to duck or move away from an incoming handball or player. All you can do is stand still and look OK with it (you are only allowed to protect your camera, head and crotch). So initially Susanne stayed at a safe distance from the side line, but she braved up and moved in during the second period. When she chimped during the first game it turned out that she had put her camera into shooting in B&W and I have to say, I got a sweet tooth from that and decided to make the entire shot into B&W myself (while it turned out that she kept to the coloured version herself when she processed her photos).
How the game went? A firm and nice win for EHF of course. 🙂


Hope Susanne liked the ”adventure” of sports photography and will join me again to shoot some more.

3 reaktioner på ”5 games so far

  1. Hehe, då får jag väl fixa några svartvita också. 🙂

    Uppskattade verkligen att få hänga på och lära lite nytt och följer gärna med fler gånger.


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