Copenhagen street photography

Saturday, January 31st, it was time to face my fears. I had signed up to a street photography event in Copenhagen, and no it’s not Copenhagen I’m afraid off 🙂 God I hate shooting on the streets, shooting people I don’t know or know that will be all OK with it. But unless I start working on it, I will never be able to get over it.

Got an invitation from Kajsa Lilius a couple of weeks ago and signed up. I was meeting up with here in Lund and getting on the same train as she was travelling with. Then we were going to meet up with Susanne Nilsson in Hyllie and then go the last distance over to Copenhagen. When Susanne Hultman came to the Arena and shot team handball with me the last time I also sent the invite to here, and now I would have good company from Eslöv as well 🙂

Trip over to Copenhagen went smooth and we managed to fit us all together on the same spot on the train so we could have a chit-chat during the trip. Kajsa and Susanne Nilsson was going to stay over in Copenhagen together with the people who had travelled down from Gothenburg on Friday January 30th. When at Copenhagen trainstation we parted and Kajsa and Susanne went to the hotel to drop off what the didn’t need to carry around and Susanne Hultman and I headed over to Hard Rock Café where we all had made a rendezvous at noon. So cramming us all into HRC for some lunch and initial greeting and then heading out with our cameras at 1 PM. Weather was really nice, cold but no hard winds or snow/rain. Could of been a bit better light but you can’t be picky this early in the year.

Our decision, the group I went along with, was to head off to Saluhallarna/Torvehallene at Nörrebro. It was I nice walk over there and we got to catch up with each other and to try and get to know each other better at the same time as we shot every now and then. I think I was the one that shot the least. *haha*
When finally at Torvehallene we decided to go inside as it started to snow outside. Unfortunately a LOT of people had had the same idea and the place was cramped. No use in shooting inside, so I made my way out together with Susanne Hultman and I started to shoot a bit at the square between the two Torvehall’s where they had some big white tents where they sold veggies and fruit and stuff.

After I while I made it back into one of the Torvehall’s and did get 4-5 shots from inside before I went back out again. At 2.30 PM we all gathered at the square I had been shooting at and we started walking back into Ströget and then up to Rådhusplads where we all had decided to meet at 3.30 PM and then take a coffee or something.
During the walk back towards Ströget I decided that I HAD to challenge myself and start shooting people and not be so scared. And I think it paid off a little at least. Didn’t get home empty handed though I can’t say that my shots are anything special. But it’s a start at least, and hopefully I will dare to shoot more when Kajsa and I travel down to Amsterdam in April to meet up with a huge bunch of people.

When we gathered at 3.30 PM and people decided it was time to head for coffee before heading back to the hotels and then get ready for dinner, Susanne Hultman and I decided that we should call it quits and start heading back to the trainstation and back to Sweden. Darkness had started to take over the sky and it wasn’t good for shooting anymore either. The trip home went very smooth as well and it felt wonderful to come home and get the shoes off and then hit the shower before being a total slouch  the rest of the evening 🙂


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