Tough game

Last Friday it was time to shoot another game of team handball. This time it was the men’s team (EHF) in town versus Helsingborg. After beating the crap out of the team leading, at the time, series during the week before, we were now in the top of the series and it looks damn good I have to say. Not being biased or anything, but the guys are playing really good and deservers this position.

Anyhow, Helsingborg started off strong and had a lead for the first 8-10 minutes, then EHF got their acts together and ran Helsingborg over and surpassed them and never let them come closer than 5 goals behind.

What didn’t look good though was that first, during the first half of the game, our goalie made a really beautiful save but in this event, during his backflip, landed so awkward/bad that he ended up facing down, squirming in agonizing pain. Luckily there was someone with medical education on site as well as the firedepartment so they could check him out and finally get him off to the ER at the hospital with either a broken finger or it was just badly dislocated. As far as I could see it wasn’t pointing in any ordinary or good direction when he was rushed out of the arena.

During the second half of the game one of our left flank guys got the ball and went for shooting a goal. Unfortunately the opponents had one guy there who went up for a block and after our flank guy had gotten the ball away he also ended up with a finger pointing somewhere else than normal. He, on the other hand, managed to get himself off of the court before dropping to his knees and giving up a loud noise of discomfort. And he was also rushed off to the ER for check-up.

The game ended 27-22 in the home team favour. =)



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