Nice game

Teamet beat Önnered in a must-win-game on Friday evening. Got a bit of a head ache when I saw that they had postponed the game 15 minutes, because that could only mean that it would be televised, and sure enough TV cameras on the floor and us normal photographers were pushed back. But after talking a little with the one responsible for all the ad’s they ”lifted” the ban on moving the net behind the ad’s panel. Not a desirable position to stand at but better than having to shoot through the net.
This game was a delight to watch. The girls played really well, focused and aggressive. Even though there were some stupid mistakes made, they still managed to keep going and never lost faith in themselves this time. This was a must-win game if they really wanted to make it to the Swedish Championship. They are not quite there yet, but by winning against Önnered it put them in a much better position. And after 60 minutes of playing the girls were very welcome to do the victory dance.

Then today I was supposed to go to a photo shoot in Malmö, but the past week have really worn me down and when I woke up this morning my first thought was, ”No, stay home and be a lazybum today. Get the pictures done from the game yesterday.” and that’s what happened. Have to say that it felt really good to be a lazybum today.

Tomorrow it’s time to head off to a photo exhibition in town at 1 PM and then it’s time to head off to the arena again at 3 PM and get ready to shoot the men’s handball game. Looking forward to that.



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