exhibition and game

Today was the day that Brutus Östling had his photo exhibition at Galleri M here in town. Been looking forward to it and today, in the snowfall, I rode my bicycle to town to meet up with Kerstin to check it out. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed though. Brutus is a very well known photographer and I’ve seen/attended a couple of his exhibitions/classes over the past few years and the images he’s shown there has been much better.
The exhibition was divided into two different areas, first there was his rock/concert photos from last year, and I’ve never seen anything else but nature/animal shots from him before and this was the part where I had high expectations/hopes. A couple of the images were really great, but a lot of them felt that I could’ve done just as well myself. Not that I rate myself as an expert photographer or anything.
The second part was nature/animals and here were a lot of really good images, though a couple of them looked kind of too manipulated. Still most of them were of really high standard.

Brutus himself was very open and talkative and never hesitated to answer the questions he got, and that was really nice.

Me, I was a dumbass again. When I was heading back home I realized that when I parked my bicycle outside I had put one of my gloves on the rack on the back of my bike and then headed in to the exhibit. So when I came out of there, about an hour later, the first thing I realized was how soaked my glove was, as it had been snowing and raining the entire time. So I had to ride the bicycle home without a glove on one hand and it was bloody cold I have to say.

Then at 3 PM it was time to head off to the arena to shoot the men’s team handball game. I spoke to the coach on Friday and he told me he was a bit uneased as during the week only 8 or 9 ppl had been able to come to the practice and the others had been home sick. But today he had 11 players at his hand. At this game I was accompanied by Susanne Hultman again, always nice/fun to have her there (as long as she’s not taking better photo’s than me *haha*). First half of the game was strong and really good, but during the second half the EHF guys started to mess things up and invited the guests to get back into the game. But after 60 minutes play, the scoreboard said 27-26 to the home team. This puts them in a very good position for qualifying up to Series 1.




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