Ouch accident

Finally my stomach has stabilized enough so I could dare head out with the camera today. Weather was great so I took the opportunity to contact Susanne Hultman and check if she wanted to join up, and she was game. =)

I had been out earlier for a shorter walk and just had to go and take a picture of the pre-school on the other side of the road. This pre-school has been deemed unfit due to mould and stuff, so last week the first removed the roofing and 2 days later all the windows and walls were gone, now all that remains is the wooden skeleton of the building.

IMG_0608 (iPhone photo)

After lunch I got hold of Susanne and we decided to join forces and go for a bicycle ride around town and do some photography. I, myself, feel that I’m home-blind and don’t find anything of interest to shoot here in town and thought that IF I had company I might see the town in a different angle and find something new.
Well I didn’t come far before my bicycle broke down. It was after our second stop that, when I got on the bicycle again and we started to ride, I heard a snap and felt that the pedal went away from under my foot. Turned out that the bolt that holds it together had snapped in two and there was no way I would be able to use the bicycle no more.

So instead Susanne and I had a nice looong walk in the sunshine and stopped every now and then for some photo shooting. She also told me a lot about the old as well as the new areas in town, since she works for the city hall she knows a lot about these things. =)
I did however find these proof of spring coming VERY early this year.
These are usually found later in the year, but this year they have already started to bloom.
After a couple of hours of walking I finally got home and could ditch my bicycle. Now I will have to see if I can get it to the repair shop tomorrow to get it fixed so I can start using it again.

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