Make or Break

Yesterday it was time for the last of the men’s handball games in the home arena, at least for the series. There’s only one more game to play and that’s an away-game.
The game yesterday started off well and first half the lads played good offensive but a bit weak defensive. Second half I don’t know where the offensive game had been lost but so many opportunities were lost as they decided to play the ball between each other instead of taking the chance of going for goal.
I know, it’s damn easy to say when you’re only a spectator.

But in the end we ended up with this:


The home team did the victory dance while the guests had to watch.
IF we’re lucky, the team keeps their position and will then play the qualification games for the 1st division. Would be fun to be back up there and the lads have been working their butts of to be there in the top part of the series.



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