Finally got to do the trip!

FINALLY I’ve been to the car graveyard in Ryd. I’ve been thinking about going there for a loooong time but never actually gotten around to it, but now Susanne Nilsson beat me to it and arranged for a photo-trip there and I happily joined in.

So yesterday, Sunday March 22, I packed my camera bag, got into my car, went to pick up Susanne Hultman and off we went. About 2 hours later we arrived at Bilkyrkogården Kyrkömosse in Ryd. Sun was shining, not too much wind… but that would change.The other 6 ppl arrived a bit after us and we were finally all in place and could start our photoday. Note to the world!! Do NOT let a bunch of photographers free at a site like that!! GEEKMOMENT! *haha*


Running from car to car, trying to find different angles as to not get the same image as the others AND trying to stay the heck out of other peoples images.

At around 2.30PM we decided we had gotten all the shots we could and it was time to head off to Börjes coffee house in Osby, so once we had managed to get everyone back to the cars we drove off to have dinner/tea/something to eat. We managed to get to Börjes before they closed and place our orders. After a lot of nerdy moments, eg looking at images we’ve taken with our cellphones, cameras or pads we realised that the owner was closing up so we got up and made out ways back to our cars and finally headed for home.

Finally home I dropped Susanne Hultman off at her place and then headed off to finally get my car cleaned, had plans for doing it before but once we decided to go to Bilkyrkogården I knew I should wait till AFTER that.

Now It’s time to start working on the shots from the event and see if I have something worth showing.




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