New challenge

Got a new challenge last week. A co-worker and fellow team handball lover here in town invited me to the play off’s in floor hockey. During the last team handball game in town I met her after the game and had a talk, I was a bit hesitant to shoot the floor hockey since it’s usually played in a gym with poor lighting and really bad spectators area. This game would be played in the new arena instead (in the smaller hall) and she promised me to get me in for free (not that I had anything against paying the fee, it was only €2/$2) but most important she would arrange for me to be the only one allowed on the same side as the players and I would have the entire side for myself. This opened up my interest-jar at once. *hehe* So last Sunday I headed up to the arena and she met me in the entrance and made sure I got in for free and I could head over to the ”free”-side of the gym hall. I think the guys were kind of wondering who the hell I was and what the hell I was doing there.
Shooting floor hockey is absolutely NOT the same as shooting team handball or American football, that’s for sure. These guys were all over the place. *haha* Worst part I think was that once I had found a good spot, one where I was able to get good angles and view of the game, well then I had a revere standing just in front of me in a few seconds.

Well I did my best at shooting the game and we will have to see if I will be invited for the coming games as well. Think I need a couple of runs before I really have the hang of it.




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