Easter Phototrip

Today it’s Easter and the day started out with really nice weather and me and a coworker/friend chatted a bit about going on a photo trip. First we went to Odarslövs old church. Problem with it is that it is in such bad shape that it’s been closed down due to the risk of it falling down. And outside you could see bricks that had fallen down from the top of the church and there were fence around the worst parts so you couldn’t get too close to the walls. I was a bit sad about not being able to get inside and shoot, but finally managed to look in through a window and saw that everything inside had been removed, benches and everything. With this knowledge I had no wish for getting inside the church. 🙂

Instead we decided to head off to an old roller mill along the stream. It took us a little while before we found the road that allows you to get there. Once we had stopped our cars and gotten outside, a man emerged from inside the office building and we started to talk to him. Soon after his wife emerged from their house just opposite to the roller mill. We explained the reason we where there and to them it was OK as long as we didn’t shoot inside or the building. Unfortunately I couldn’t obey to that, I loved the building and at the end of our day there I snuck a photo of the roller mill into my camera.

After our chat with the man and his wife, which took about 30 minutes or so, we finally started walking around the grounds and took a bunch of pictures of the  nature and scenery.
After surviving an ”urgent” case of snowfall and taking a handfull of shots we decided to call it a day (as we watched some black clouds approaching).

Now I’ve transferred the shots to my computer and done the first approval part of the images. All crappy shots have been disposed off and tomorrow I’ll do the second and more thorough check and then edit the shots I decided to keep. This one of the old roller mill (built in 1864) was a keeper from the start.




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