Arrival in Amsterdam

This morning was one of those days when I for once wasn’t bound for work. Today Kajsa and I were going to fly to Amsterdam for a couple of days of photography together with some 50+ other people (mostly from Gothenburg). The sun was shining and it was warm when we got off the plane and our next problem was how to get in to Amsterdam! We decided to go for the train but the machines here took coins only, not paper money. *sigh* So we headed over to the train ticket queue and waited happily till it was or turn and we got a 24 hr ticket. This because Kajsa had decided to go shopping for a camera bag and to get there we needed transportation. Once we got into Amsterdam central we had a 10 minute walk to the hotel, and for some reason we needed to stop outside the sexmuseum to take a groupie and send to Susanne Nilsson. *haha*

At the hotell we were met by a very funny crew of people with lots of humour and they upgraded my room from a single to a double,  and we had to make them understand that Kajsa and I were not on a secret get together or were married. 🙂 The elevator to the 4th floor was not the quickest and we said it would probably go quicker to take the stairs, but after taking the stairs on our way back down we decided that those were hazardous! Tiny steps and high between each step.

Now our hunt for tram #1 started, i think we walked around the same places a few times before we realized that google maps were off by one road. On the tram we had a half an hour ride on what at many times seemed like 90 degree turns on the tracks, so you had to keep your stuff close and secure. But we made it to the western outskirts of  Amsterdam so that Kajsa could get her bag. 🙂

Nowwe needed to make the same ride back into town again, now with more than twice the number of commuters!

At the hotel we made contact with a friend of Kajsas and we decided to meet in the lobby and then head out to meet up with some of the others and go for a bit of food and some chatting. Some 25 ppl came along to the restaurant and some ppl decided to stay at the pub in the Red Light District. The restaurant owner was one of a kind. Brilliant and up for loads of laughter, and the food was wonderful.

Some of us decided to call it quits after dinner and some went for some night time photography, we decided to head to the hotel.



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