My legs, my legs…

OMG right now I’m sitting down in a comfy chair in the reception of the hotel. God knows if I will be able to get up from it. Been walking, almost constantly, since 7.30 this morning when I went out for my early bird walk.


The weather has been great and right now it’s almost 6.30 pm and the temp is still above 20 degrees Celsius. We’ve had great weather and great photo ops today, and when skimming through the back screen on my camera there’s been some good shots taken. 

Will see if we borrow bicycles tomorrow and if we do, will we survive? Those of you that are familiar with the bicyclists in Lund, that is a piece of cake compared to how they ride bicycle here. 

If i manage to get out of the chair there will be some night street pgotography done as well. Wish me luck!




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