Morning stroll

after some sleep it was time to get out of bed at 6.30 am and get ready for the morning walk with the camera. The weather is not as nice today as it was yesterday but that didn’t stop me. 

This morning I decided to head the completely other way that we’ve spent the last two ones. So crossing Dam and then heading down the shopping street towards central station and doing some window shopping as well as checking out all the narrow streets between the buildings, streets filled with bikes and scooters. Didn’t find any grafitti to shoot today though. 

When I came to the end of the shopping street I turned left onto a small street leading over towards more unexplored territory. Found a LOT of bicycles and scooters outside this place.


So i hadto take a snap before heading on.

Headed over the street without being run over by bicycles, cars or trams and continued a bit furter and found a, surprise surprise, canal. Walked down along it where I found this lovely building.


NO it’s not me holding the camera crooked! 

Found a couple of older men around here that were either finishing up the partying of last night or initiating the Saturday party *haha* 

Started to feel some splashes on my face as I kept walking so the forecast of rain was true! Luckily it stopped just as quick as it started, lyckily because i was only wearing a t-shirt on my upper body! 

Heading back towards the hotel I found a nice little place to have a dutch breakfast at.




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