No good!

Today’s weather turned ot to be a show stopper. Light drizzle became a bit more then that and for a much longer period of time. We have been shooting but it’s not been the kind of subjects we wanted. Luckily we found a few places where we could duck in and dry up a little before heading out again. 

Started the day with coming to a riot. Students are pissed off that the university is selling off the old buildings that then gets torn down to make room for hotels and then moving the students to have to live further out of Amsterdam central (if I understood it correctly).

At 1 pm we returned to the riot scene and the cops were still there and trying to get the occupants to stop and  move out.

After a nice meal Kajsa and I decided to head out again on some new adventures, to boldly go where we had not been before. 

At one place we ended up going in to a smart shop, aka magic mushroom shop, and had a look. Some very spacy things to say the least. Went on again and found some condemmed buildings with nice grafitti on that we just had to photograph. 

On our way back to the shopping street we ran into a stag party where the guy was dressed up in an inflatable penis and had to walk around in that asking for being photographed. And why not comply. 🙂

Now were taking a rest at a café at Dam and then we’ll ser what happens during the arvo.



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