Last day in Amsterdam

Today is the last day in Amsterdam. Woke up late today, 6.30 am. 

Sun was shining outside, throat was a bit sore after the nights workout *haha* and calves were soooore.

Got up and headed into the showers and then started packing my stuff. When done it was time to check the pictures from yesterday and remove the obviously bad ones and then remove the card from the camera and shoot on a new card. 

After breakfast it was time to check out and then grab the camerabag and start shooting some more. I forced Kajsa to follow me to the Skinny bridge and then a loong walk around in mostly parts that we hadn’t visited before. We ran in to two other from our gang and they tagged along. 

Ditched them after a coffee break at Waterlooplein and Kajsa and I went on our own excursion. Headed down to the docks and then over towards the Red Light District to find a place to eat. Instead of that Kajsa dragged me along on a shopping spree and when that was done (she didn’t buy anything today) we found a place that had falafel and here we stopped for lunch, and I also got the chance to speak a little arabic, which confused the owner. He stood a little behind the counter before he asked me, in arabic, if I spoke it. Had to tell him that I only spoke a little but it seemed to have brightened him up that a white scandinavian guy spoke in his own language to him, if only greeting and saying thank you. 

From here we went back to the hotel and checked out our bagade that they had stored in their locker room and then we headed over to the tram. Since they have maintenance on the railroad we had to go by tram to Leidseplein and then change to bus from there and to Schipol. I believe that our bus driver was an escaped formula1 driver because you had to hold on to your hat and those outside the bus had to watch out. 

We finally arrived at the airport and have now checked in and will soon be on our way back home.



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