Never underestimate ‘old’ people!

after our rainy day in Amsterdam we decided to get together and go to a pub in Leidseplein and we chose a good one i have to say. Very fun and friendly staff that even allowed us to take pictures of them and also asked us to send them pictures so they could post them themselves.


After a few hours ppl started to head off to their hotels and just after 11 pm it was just me and Kajsa left, and we had some ‘worldly’ discussions before Kajsa started to talk about going clubbing. She headed over to the bar and asked for a place that played techno and/or trance music and got the direction to ‘No 129’. We walked over there and all of a sudden a girl came out from the club and started talking to us and guided us in passed the bouncers. We were in!!


Looking around I don’t think we spotted anyone that was anywhere close to our age, most of them were half our age or younger. But we found a spot in a corner where we could put our bags down and keep an eye on them even if we were dancing. And rhythem took over and we let the dancing begin. Some tunes were VERY questionable as to if it should still be played!! But dancing we did, and most of they youths had left before we did, almost 4 hours after we entered! 

Being polite we thanked the DJ’s and we also got applauds and bows from them. *haha* Wonder if we will be able to get out of bed tomorrow!! Kajsa has promissed to knock on my door no later than 9.30 AM so we get breakfast before they close.




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