Home again

So have another adventure come to an end. Late Sunday evening I finally arrived home, to a wet and cold Eslöv. We survived the flight home with Norwegian air, a guy sitting next to me eating potatochips and sounding like a horse eating sugar cubes, and Kajsa and her next seat neighbour picking her nose so far up she was probably scratching her brain at the same time.

When I got home to my flat I more or less only had one thing on my mind, to wrap my bedsheet around me and sleeeeeeeep. So, after emptying my cabin bag I made a quick move over to my bed and I think I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

Monday I had taken off, so I didn’t have to rush back to work. So Monday was my ”transfer the images from the memory cards and FINALLY have a look at them on a big screen”-day. I had no more than gotten out of bed before I powered on my computer and pulled the memory cards out of their hiding in the memory card wallet and put them into the card reader. This was the moment I had been waiting for!!
I didn’t have to throw away that many images this time. I think I threw away 2 of the shots only. All the others were keepers. *woohoo* Noted that I have a LOT to work on when it comes to street photography though, but there were still a couple of shots that I really liked.

When the clock hit 8 AM I gave my hair dresser a call to find out if she had any free time, since I had the day off I thought I should get it done when I didn’t have to worry about trains and such. Got a timeslot at 9.30, which was good, then I could go straight to the grocery store after I had gotten the hair cut.

After getting home from the grocery store, I sat down again and had another look at the images and I didn’t find any more that I felt should be deleted.

Time to start working on editing the shots. It will take some time before they are all done. But it’s fun to work on them and remember. Since my geotagger didn’t work I will also have to try and put the images in the correct coordinates on the map in LR, this will be tedious though.

Had a bit of a chat with the Nikon support yesterday as well. Seems that my 10-pin contact has stopped working, thus my geotagger didn’t work. I also tried connecting my remote control but that one didn’t get any contact either. Have tried them on my D700 as well and there they work fine. Checked online and it turns out that there’s been a lot of people having issues with the 10-pin contact. Will see if I can get it serviced. Since my camera is 1½ eyars old the normal warranty he expired and by the looks of it I will not be able to get it covered by the Konsumentköpslagen either. Wonder what the cost will be!

Oh well time will tell. Will send them a mail and ask them if they can give me an estimate.



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