going through Amsterdam shots

been home for almost a week now and today I was actually destined to travel to Germany for some work, but it’s been postponed. If I’m lucky it’ll be cancelled all together since it will occur during a weekend/week when I really don’t have time to go away.

Have been going through the photo’s from the Amsterdam trip and thrown away those shots I didn’t approve of, not too many this time. Now it’s time to sit down and edit those that I really like, and that is VERY hard to do when the sun is shining outside!! This kind of weather makes me want to go out and shoot, on the other hand this weather also releases the pollen from trees and flowers and I’m allergic to a lot of that so my eyes are itching and nose is running. *haha* Talk about catch 22!
During the trip to Amsterdam I had morning walks almost every day, it’s so nice to get out before everyone else shows up and gets in the way. During my first morning walk I found this narrow street:


The walls to the right was covered with graffiti and I just couldn’t stop myself from taking pictures of it. Unfortunately the street was so narrow I had to stand to the side and not shoot straight onto it.



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