Discussion ongoing

During the past couple of days I’ve been in a discussion with Nikon Sweden to see how they will treat my repair request. They seem somehow interested in what I have mentioned to them and also that I can provide proof, yet they are not really showing any signs of accepting that it’s a factory fault. Not that the cost was all that high, yet it would be nice to see what will come of this.

What happened was that when I arrived in Amsterdam I had packed my Geologger so I could keep track of where I was walking and taking the pictures, when I was about to attach it to the 10-pin connector I realized that it was no longer sitting far out as it used to, now it was more pushed into the camera body. So during the entire trip I had to try and remember where the heck I was when I took the shots (sometimes I took a picture of the street sign to be able to pinpoint where I was). When I got home I googled it to see if there was any mentions of it, and sure enough there were a lot of other people with the same issue.
I started to dig deeper and found a blog made by a German guy who had had a deep discussion with Nikon Germany and after involving a lawyer they actually got Nikon Germany to admit that this was a known issue and a faulty build. It seems to have been affecting mainly those camera houses sold during the second half of 2012 (when I bought mine). So after talking to the blogger he sent me a copy of the letter that was sent from Nikon Germany to the lawyer and I attached that to my mail to Nikon Sweden.
To start with they were very nice and helpful and gave me an estimate of what it would cost to have it fixed, but they were also very interested about the letter. They did however point out that it didn’t state that it was the exact same problem as I have on my camera. So after talking to the blogger again he sent me the letter that was sent from the lawyer with detailed description of the problem and also the invoice that the blogger had received from Nikon Germany station that it was repaired free of charge since it was a fault in the build of the camera from the start.
Now it’ll be fun to see if I get the same reply from Nikon Sweden or at least a rebate on the repair price or if I will have to pay the full price.
No matter what, I need to send it in anyway and have it repaired, but why hurry when there is a chance to have them say it’s their fault 🙂

Fingers crossed!!



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