*sobbing* bye for now !!

Today it was time to say goodbye to my D800 for a little while. It was time to get it off to Nikon in Solna to do service (and hopefully a sensor cleaning as well, I requested it on a little note that I attached to the Service form).
Was a bit bummed because Nikon states that it can’t guarantee that they pick up anything from a service station, so if you want to send something in to them you will either have to show up at their office in Solna or have it shipped directly to the office.
So with this in mind I started to check the post office. Hmmm they only send the package to a service center, so a no go! Then there is Schenker… and they only send to a service center, so a no go! Then we have Bring, but they only handled post from companies to companies or private persons, so a no go!

Bummed by this I decided to pack the camera body and battery and then head off to a store that sells Nikon gear and see if it was possible to send it in through them for a fee. The girl I spoke to was a bit hesitant first but filled out a service form with the same information that I had put in Nikon’s service form myself. Then when all was done she said ”now, all I need is to see an invoice/receipt that say that you purchased it from us!”. WTF !!!!!
So after a bit of talking (very calmly and professional) I convinced her that it would be OK to send it in even though I hadn’t purchased it from them, and I was fully aware that I would have to pay for the shipping. But no, she needed to see the invoice/receipt!! I was about to grab the box and walk out of there before I said something I shouldn’t or just lose my temper, when a senior claims person showed up and I could ask her. She said that it was OK and I FINALLY got to hand over my ”baby” to them to send off for service. Now I have to wait a couple of weeks before I get it back, and in the mean time the little brother, the D700, will have to do the work.



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