Nikon support

Sent my camera in to Nikon Support last Saturday and hopefully it has arrived at Nikon in Solna. I also hope that L at the support central will take good care of her and make sure she’s fixed properly.

Have had a discussion with them for about two weeks about if this problem is my fault or if it’s something that’s been fubar since it left the factory. From the start they have been denying it yet I have been able to produce mail conversation between a law firm and Nikon in Germany resulting in Nikon admitting it’s a build fault and also fixing it for that person free of charge. Will I have the same luck?

Well today I got a mail from Nikon Sweden telling me that the information have been handed over to the support manager and he/she is trying to get hold of the support manager in Germany to ask WHY they have admitted to this being a fault in the creation of the camera, but without any luck. However, they seems to have agreed on that I’ve been ”suffering” enough and will fix my camera as a goodwill.
Fingers crossed that when I get the camera back, the bill will only be for the shipping to and from Nikon.


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  1. It seems to be quite a lot of problems with the Nikon cameras lately, does´t it? I have had major problems with my D600 as well, but the workshop has fixed the problems without charging anything so far. BUT…having to be without ones camera 3 weeks each time is really a VERY long time!

    1. what was the problem with your D600? for me it was the 10-pin connector that was pushed in to the camera house. IF they stand by their last e-mail to me I’ll only have to pay for the shipping, but I won’t take that for granted until I have my camera back again. Hope to have it back in time for the vintage car race on the 14th of May.


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