weather too good

Today I got Susanne Hultman to tag along to Söderåsen for some photography. The weather was too good not to go out shooting. What I hadn’t counted on was that there would be THAT many people with the same thought. It’s not that it’s crowded when you walk along the gorge, but finding a parking spot can be a tad bit difficult, but we managed that too.
Since my D800 is at Nikon Support centre I had to rely on the other workhorse (workhorse for sports photography that is), the D700.

We had a great time there, it’s really come a fair bit in the spring preparations, leaves are bright green and fresh, loads of flowers coming to life and toads, lizzards, bees (bumble and normal) and the birds.

I also decided to do my part for the Fotosöndag event:

Have realized that I need to do a cleaning of the camera before heading off to Gothenburg this coming weekend, that is if I don’t get the message this week that I need to head off to Germany for work this coming weekend. Fingers crossed.



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