National Y-19 team against Denmark Y-19

Yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting a team handball game at Eslövshallen. This time it was the national womens youth team (19 y/o) that was going to take on the Danish national team. The downside was that this was taking place on the last day of school endings as well as it was a very sunny and nice day, so not all that many spectators were to be expected. As a handball nerd I wouldn’t miss shooting it. So I made arrangements with two other photography nerds and started off with dinner in town at 16.00 (then we had to wait till 17.00) before the last one showed up. Butit was good to see them again and chat and have dinner. After the food was gone we decided to head off to the gym and check out the teams and chat with the staff. As I had had time from when I left work to drive home and get rid of any unnecessary stuff and then get my bike to ride downtown, we split up and we all made our way to Eslövshallen.

Once the game started the Swedish team showed good will and skills. Goalie was playing excellent and stopped a lot of balls from the Danish team and Sweden always kept the Danes behind then. During second period the Danes showed better endurance and started to get closer and closer, and with 5 minutes left the Danes finally got even and soon after went and scored again and took the lead for the first time. After some rough attemptes to go ahead with two goals Sweden instead managed to get hold of the ball and with just one or two seconds left Sweden managed to score and make it a tie-game, 23-23.

Now there wont be any more handball games, that I’m aware of until beginning of September, so now i will challenge myself to do some normal shooting instead 🙂

U19 landslaget Sverige - Danmark



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