A bit warm

i’m an idolizer of the sun and i like warm weather, I also like really cold weather. What i can’t stand is when it’s cold, yet not winter temperature, and windy and rain, that combo sux big time! 

After many weeks with rain and mostly nothing above 15C, it’s wonderful that this weekend ended up sunny and warm. This morning, after breakfast was done I threw myself at the mercy of the sunshine on my balcony. The temp on my balcony was 39,7C at 8.45 AM, that’s a looong time sine it was so nice. 

But afterspending around 3 hours i started to feel the need for some cooling down. *hehe* So, it CAN get too much of the good things even for me 🙂

Now the sun has left my balcony and now I can sit there again and enjoy the weekend. 

Brought out my old buddy this morning as well:




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