Nice weather for a long bike ride

Yesterday turned out really nice, weather wise that is. Just above 20C, not too much clouds in the sky and not too much wind. So that was a good opportunity to get on my bike, have my camera on my back and then just head out. I knew where to go but I just had to figure out how to get there with the least amount of upwind 🙂 On the other hand there’s only one way to get there AND to have most of the road downhill, so that’s what I went for. Once there I didn’t really find scenery that I’ve seen when coming by car that was earlier this year.


From here I went over towards Ellinge castle and then via Ellinge golfcourse in towards town and then up towards the airfield. Here I found a nice resting place where I emptied the first bottle of water, had some rest and also did some close up shooting.


Once back home it was time to empty the second bottle and hit the showers.
Today I realized that it takes a LOT of the computer if you want to do a panorama out of 40 images from a Nikon D800. Scratch disk went full in a second and the RAM usage went tops.



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