Dang that was a quick delivery !! Placed the order for two prints on aluminium last Saturday and according to the order specification I got back it would take up to 10 workdays for delivery.
Today when I got home from the grocery shopping I had a note in my mailbox saying that UPS had been here and tried to deliver a parcel for me and the only parcel I knew of was the prints. So I checked the UPS tracking site with me tracking number and sure enough it was my prints. And they also wrote that since I hadn’t been home today they would do another try to deliver it tomorrow. The only problem is that tomorrow I’m heading to Ystad early in the morning for shooting.

So I called UPS up and asked if they could deliver the parcel to another person in the same building or wait until Monday when I’m home, and it wasn’t any problem to deliver the parcel to someone else in my building. I was a happy dude!! Tomorrow I would have my prints, finally!!
During the arvo I had a ring on my door bell and when I opened it was a UPS guy with my parcel. He had just finished delivering all the parcels he should so he thought he would give me another go since I hadn’t been home during the morning. Was I like a kid in a candy store or what???

I don’t think the door had managed to close behind the UPS guy before I was ripping the parcel to pieces to see what my printouts looked like, and I was amazed when I saw the result.


The prints are in a 30x20cm format so not all that huge, since this was my first print on aluminium I decided to go smaller. But now I know what they can do and deliver and it’ll be more prints from there. I can see that they are still running with the huge rebates so perhaps I’ll do some more before they change the prices.

Fun thing is that when I ordered from Photobox, located 50KM south of me, the delivery time was 2 weeks. These prints came from Germany and it only took 4 days. Strange, eh?


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