EHF Cupen 2015

Another weekend of photography is over and done with. This was the second weekend with a team handball tournament, this time it was the joey’s (lads if not using Australian lingo). It was both better and worse.

On the better part, this was very well organized and the times were followed. They also have it divided to one age group per day and they play it all the way through to the finals on the same day. Saturday and Sunday finished earlier than the tournament last weekend.

On the worse part, there’s no lunch break or time to hit the dunny. Last game on Friday ended at 12.30 AM which made it a very long day for me (since I was at work just after 6 AM) and I’m the only photographer for this tournament.

Best of all, this weekend we didn’t have any use for ambulances or hospital visits. Not even when the referee was hit by a ball straight on her face which made her pass out.

Tomorrow we’re back to normal business. I should’ve done some work this evening but that’ll have to wait till early tomorrow morning instead. Tomorrow it’s also time to finally go to the dentist and fix my broken tooth (hopefully they will be able to fix it without root canal or pulling it out) as well as the crown they put in last year (it’s moving so I’m unable to chew on that side). Then tomorrow evening it’s the first game of the men’s team handball game of the season.




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