Moon eclips and Super Blood-moon?

This past night was an epic night. We would be able to see a full moon eclips AND it was a Super Blood-moon, all in one shabang. The problem was that to be able to see it I would have to get up in the middle of the night and that would most likely mess up my Monday with me being cranky and tired. *haha* Well to be honest, I have been yawning a LOT today, but I’ve survived and I didn’t fall asleep at work or on the train.

I had set the clock to wake me up just short of 4 AM, the eclips would be full at 4.13 AM so I would have time to wake up, GET up and see if it was something to pull my pants on for. To be honest, the moon was too far away to feel like it was a super moon, but I bet that somewhere in the world it would be close enough to appear as a super moon.

Next time this will happen seems to be in 2033. So why not take the opportunity now and watch it.

Yes, it will be an early night tonight. 🙂




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