Last Sunday a brave team of 5 people headed out to attack the Alnarsparken with our cameras. The weather wasn’t ideal but we made due with what we got.

We started off with a tour among the trees to try and capture the autumn/fall that had started to take over our part of the world now.


My camerabag/photo travell buddy, Piglet, also managed to make a new friend during the tour:


After a couple of hours we got back to the main building where we all sat down and dorked a bit (looked at our pictures, discussed camera equipment and shot some more) and then we headed off into the flower gardens.

I was amazed that even this late in the year, so many plants was still having so many flowers in such bright colours.

Around 3.30 PM we had set the deadline and the dusk was starting to show, light was getting poorer and we were starting to feel tired 🙂 One of the attendees wanted to take a walk along the brim of the park and then head back to our cars, and so we did. While we walked there, and shot images, she complained about not seeing even one squirrel while we were there, as they are normally seen on a lot of places there. No more than speaking those words and I saw a movement in the left corner of my eyes and then a furry tail. As I moved around the tree and looked up between the branches and leaves I saw this little thing looking back at me and grinning:


As we closed in on the cars we could start feeling drizzle coming down, we had managed to survive 5 hours there without rain and didn’t bother when it started to come as we were heading home.



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