infant photography – ehum, no good!

Made the mistake of taking a couple of pictures of an infant on Christmas and then the mother wanted to have printouts. When I got home and uploaded the images to my computer I was devastated to see that they were not sharp enough and I didn’t want to print them out.

So today I made contact and headed off to the mother to make a re-shoot. Lights were not the best as the weather outside didn’t offer that much or that good natural light and the room didn’t give much light either. Luckily enough I had brought my flash with me so I had to use that to get quick enough shutter speeds.

Have looked them through on the computer now and am satisfied with some of them and some I would’ve loved to do another re-shoot off. Will see if I can get more time to shoot. It’ll also be good practice for me to shoot people/kids. Next time though I hope the little dog can be in another room or in the lap of the mother so I don’t have a dog licking my face while I shoot or wants to stick it’s nose into the lens.



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