I survived!

Last weekend was a hectic one. The weekend was our first maintenance weekend of the year and there were things to do, some things were standard and can be done in the sleep. Then I had other parts that just HAD to be done and HAD to be done right, worst part was that I had never done it before, nor had any of my coworkers.

Secondly I HAD to leave work no later than 2 PM becuase then I had another engagement to part take in later on. When the clock closed in on 2 PM I was STILL working on the harder part of work that I had to have done. So short after 2 PM I had to hand over the last part of the workload to one of my coworkers so he could do the finishing touch.

When home it was to pack the bag and make sure I had everything I needed with me. Then off to the Arena to get ready to shoot one of Swedens biggest dance bands (Swedish folk musik), Lasse Stefanz. EIK, the women’s handball club, had arranged this event with dinner and dancing, for the second year in a row and this year I didn’t have the flu so this time I could attend.
What did I notice when I got to the arena?? That’s right, I had forgotten things at home, things I hadn’t even thought about before. Luckily the one I was shooting with had brought more flashes than needed so I could borrow one of them at times.

Lasse Stefans

To be honest, this is NOT my kind of music but had to endure it anyway 🙂 Good thing was that during the breaks there was another group playing, a group called ”Part of the furniture”. During the time when Lasse Stefanz were performing, the two forming ”Part of the furniture” spent time chitchatting with us two photographers. They were really nice and fun…. and hobby photographers as well 🙂

Lasse StefansLasse Stefans

Got home close to 2 AM and then it took a little while before I got into bed. Got to sleep about 3 hours and then it was time to get up and get started with Sunday and all the things I needed to get done. My plan was to upgrade the last site at work, but once connected to work I saw that the ESX server was still disconnected so all I could do was to shut down the work computer again and get started with the photo editing. I was happy that I didn’t come home with all too many photos, still it took some time to get it all done.

Shooting at that low light is NOT my cup of tea, this time it was REALLY bad. But what I could do I have done.

Lasse Stefans

Now I will have to fix the last site this coming weekend, hope it will be done without any issues so I can get other things done as well.



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