Should off been working today as well but we managed to stay afloat yesterday and pulled of a couple of hours more and were able to finish all that we should do this maintenance weekend, which meant that I actually DID get Sunday off. If I had known I would’ve gotten tickets to the Swedish championship finals in team handball that is played today.

Instead I have had a quite good time of relaxation and fixing stuff around home instead. I also had a little time out with my camera and went hunting for what is SO noticeable in this part of Sweden around this time of year.


Rapeseed fields are all around us, so yellow everywhere. The only drawback is that my allergy doesn’t like it much. The smell is too intense and I find that I can’t draw breath as good or at times not at all (that’s when you see me running like my arse is on fire).

Was actually good with a day off, tomorrow will be a long day. After work I will go a photograph the last of the Swedish championship finals in table tennis. So it’ll be a long day tomorrow.



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