Photography meet in Lund

Yesterday I was opted to take part in a photography meet in Lund. The weather was all over the place and you couldn’t really tell HOW to dress for it, so I went for the safe one – shorts and t-shirt 🙂
Once in Lund the weather there was sunny and nice to begin with and we ended up to be around 15 ppl in alles. We headed for the botanical garden and went for the back streets as much as possible, they are so quaint and photogenic (NOTE FOR FUTURE: it’s dangerous to society when a bunch of photographers heads out on the streets together).

After some a bit of photography during our walk there we finally arrived at the garden. We wandered freely at the garden and set a reunion time when we should all be done and ready to head down town again and have a coffee break.
There’s a lot to shoot at the Botanical garden, both flowers and people, and I got both.


When we met up again to head for the coffee shop it started to rain. Oh how we had hoped for it to NOT start. But as we started to head down towards city centre it stopped and we could shoot some more when ”needed”, and that was good because now we finally stumbled upon a curios squirrel, and I managed to get off a few shots before it felt done with us and jumped further up the tree.


Coffee break was very welcome and we also had some good and fun chats. After that we decided to head home and as we stood on the platform, the rain started to fall again, this time it kept coming. But that didn’t matter no more since we were on our way home.




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