Yummies and bad experience

Today it was a a nice and really warm morning, almost 30C. My plan for today was to head off to buy some cherries from Orelund. So just before 9 AM I got in my car and drove off. Even with the AC on cold it was still too warm in the car.
Anyhow, an hour later I arrived in Tomelilla and I got into Bo Olssons to check the fruit and veggie stand out and they had cherries from Orelund there, which saved me another 30 mins on the road. So happily I filled a bag with 1 kg of cherries and had a look at the other fruit and veggies before I decided that I was done and ready for a quick visit inside Bo Olssons.


After my visit at Bo Olsson it was finally time to head home again. I get into the car and reverse out of the parking pocket. *SMACK* A woman from the row behind me had also started to reverse but hadn’t checked what was behind her!! Luckily it only ended with plastic damages on both cars, good thing is that my car is 7 years old, hers was 3 months old.
When all was sorted out and solved it was time to drive off home.. in a bloody warm car. And when I finally got home I could start digging into those delicious, sweet and juicy cherries!!

When home I also realised that I had totally missed out on a photo trip to Helsingborg today. *sigh* Oh well, another time perhaps. It’s almost summer vacation time now, 3 more days at work first, and when vacation start I have a couple of photography days booked. SO looking forward to it!

Have booked tickets at the local movie theater today, wonder if there will be more than me tonight 🙂



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